Personal Training (Single Session)

*One  1hr session 


Do you have Fitness Goals you want to reach?
Do you have an event you want to get fit for?
Do you need to strengthen your back, knees, arms, etc.?
Soular Fitness is the place where you train to gain the power of the sun and evolve on your healthy lifestyle journey. During your Personal Training session, you will have an assessment of your skill level.
A customized plan is created for you. The program will include meal suggestions and off-day workouts.
The customized plan will help you boost stamina, build muscle, lose weight, get toned, gain flexibility, and increase mental clarity. All of our programs include a spiritual component meant to help you build upon your spiritual foundation.
Take the step today to Evolve!

Personal Training (Single Session)


Soular Fitness has a strict No Refund Policy.

No refunds will be administered however you may exchange your purchase for a service of equal or lesser value. Please contact for details.